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The expected value calculator takes in fair odds and bookmaker odds to determine the expected value of the bet. It gives two values, one being the dollar ev and percentage ev.

How to use the calculator?

  1. Enter the Odds:
    Input the odds for a bookmaker and the fair odds
  2. Calculate:
    The calculator will determine the expected value of the bet
  3. See Result:
    A positive EV indicates a mathematical edge, and a negative EV will result in long term loses

What is expected value?

Expected value is the exact principal that ensures bookmakers make money and bettors typically lose, but in situtions of positive expected value, the bettor can gain an edge over the bookmaker.

How do +EV bets exist?

+EV bets exist typically due to bookmaker mistakes, differences in what they deem to be true odds and slow movement in their odds.

How to find +EV opportunities

To find +EV bets is extremely difficult, there is two ways: Comparing odds to a betting exchange or using the widsom of the crowd method which requires sophisticated software. At WagerWise, we use the widsom of the crowd method to idenfify +EV bets for our users. We idenfify thousands of bets everyday to make it super simple for you to make money
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