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Revolutionise your sports betting with cutting-edge, mathematically based software designed to identify market inefficiencies.

Offering a straightforward way to earn thousands of dollars online, providing a lucrative, tax-free income stream.

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thousands in profit

Earn thousands of dollars from anywhere

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NBA, EPL, NHL, NFL, AFL, NRL and more

betting strategies that are easy to learn

Easy to learn

Mathematically profitable bets

Mathematically profitable bets

track your betting profits

Track your profits

Transform your betting into a science; where every bet is backed by mathematics for maximum profitability

We offer the BEST sportsbooks in Australia

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+ Extra

Positive Expected Value

Real-Time Odds Monitoring for Mathematically Backed, Highly profitable Bets

  • 24/7 Bets
  • Mathematically profitable
  • Premier realtime software
positive expected value betting software
arbitrage betting tool


Cover all outcomes of a match to secure a guaranteed profit. Eliminate all risk, meaning you only win.

  • Risk Averse Strategy
  • Guaranteed Profits
  • Scalable

Bonus Bet Converter

Turn bonus bets into real cash with ease. Use promotions to your advantage and sky rocket your profit.

  • High Retention
  • Lock in Profit
  • Promotional Arbitrage
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WagerWise +EV Results

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Total Profit

Profit Calculator

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60 Minutes
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$40.22 / Day
$281.53 / Week
*Based on 4.2% average EV

How much can you make?

WagerWise offers an extensive suite of high-quality software designed to generate users thousands of dollars.

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Placing bets regularly is crucial to maximizing profits. Investing more time daily will lead to even larger profits.


Bankroll is the initial investment allocated across bookmakers to maximise positive expected value opportunities.


Don't just take our word for it.

I joined roughly 3 months ago. I have profited over $1000 from arbing and made another $2500 from +EV. Cool service.


The positive ev betting software is quality! I’m actually making consistent betting profits now. I didn’t believe it was possible to beat the bookies before but my opinion has changed.


WagerWise's +EV system was easy to pick up with everything being obvious and intuitive. It’s been nice having an extra source of income that’s tax free too.


WagerWise makes advantaged betting straightforward and profitable. It’s great to see a service that doesn’t rely on bookmaker promotions and free bets too.


Was extremely skeptical at first because it seemed too good to be true, however, shortly after joining I found out it was better than I could have imagined. Been making such good profits every week. So far up i’m $6000!


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Gain access to a beginner-friendly software. Designed with simplicity in mind to help you get started with confidence and ease.

+EV Software - Limited to 3.5% EV
Learning Zone
Bonus Bet Conversion
Bet Tracker



Gain access to premium, low-risk bets across Australian sportsbooks. The best software designed to make you serious profits.

Includes Everything in Entry
+EV Software - No Limit
Arbitrage Tool
Odds Screen


Starting at $499 P/M

Gain access to more advanced features to automate and sky rocket your profits. contact for pricing

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