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Our bonus bet calculator is designed to help you calculate and optimize your bets across different bookmakers to ensure a profit regardless of the outcome.

How to use the calculator?

  1. Enter the Odds:
    Input the odds for two or more bets from different bookmakers.
  2. Calculate:
    The calculator will determine the optimal amount to stake on each bet.
  3. See Result:
    Having a higher retention indicates a more profitable conversion.

What is a bonus bet?

A bonus bet, or otherwise known as a 'free bet' is a token that is able to be placed on bets, while it does not represent actual money, can it be used to win real money.

Why do bonus bets exist?

Predominantly bonus bets are used for marketing purposes to incentivize people to place more bets with a bookmaker. However, for a sharp bettor bonus bets can be extremely lucrative when converted into cash.

How to find bonus bet conversion opportunities?

Any bet can be used to convert a bonus into cash but choosing that approach can run the downside of extremely low retention, it doesn't ensure lock in of profit. With the WagerWise bonus bet converter we transform sportsbook bonuses into real money fast, and without risk. Our bet selection covers all outcomes ensuring you guarantee profit.
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